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Sustainable Fashion

Pleatsmama is saving petroleum resources, thereby dramatically reducing carbon dioxide emissions and landfilling, by using 100% recycled polyester from PET bottle waste from Jeju Island. In particular, Pleatsmama commercialized the world’s first 100% recycled spandex.


Regen Jeju: 100% recycled polyester from PET bottle waste from Jeju Island


Creora Regen: The world’s first 100% recycled spandex

Zero Waste

Pleatsmama’s knit bags are made using the linking sewing process—a high-quality sweater sewing technique to minimize fabric waste.

Permanent Pleats

Pleatsmama’s pleats are not created artificially with high heat or chemicals but are natural wrinkles created from structural weaving. They have excellent resilience even after long-time use and washing.

Slim and Easy

Pleatsmama’s shoulder bag can be folded along the natural pleats, making it easy to carry and keep.

Knit Pleated Bags made from Recycled Ocean Plastic