How It All Began

During the literature review for my master’s thesis, I extensively investigated how South Korea was perceived as a brand in Germany. However, I was disappointed to discover that not only the majority of Germans but Europeans at large hardly knew anything about my home country. While I’m happy to witness the increasing popularity of certain Korean cultures and products in recent years, I want to scream to the world that we have even more to offer! I decided to introduce well-made products deserving of recognition in Europe. So, with the mission of consumer satisfaction and promotion of a positive image of South Korea, I founded HANforum in 2017.










What HANforum Means

HAN has two meanings: 1) Korean in Korea's national language, similar to the prefix 'K-', for example, K-pop, K-drama, K-beauty, K-food, K-style. 2) One.


We named our brand hoping it to symbolize a forum of curated Korean designs.


The design of our logo is inspired by the Korean word “HAN” written in the old script.

H = ㅎ : the consonant which looks like a hat and a pentagon pushed from the bottom

A = ㅏ : a circle in the middle

N = ㄴ : a shape like a bowl or smiling lips